In 2017 the cost of your course will vary. The fee you pay depends on whether you are eligible for a government subsidised place, or can claim any concessions or exemptions. TAFE New England can also assist you to access other types of financial assistance such as scholarships and trade support loans.

We know that sometimes paying the total fee can be challenging. To assist you to pay for your course, TAFE New England offers a flexible payment option. Depending on the course you choose, you may also be able to defer your payment through VET Student Loans.

Fees for Government Subsidised Courses 

In January 2015 Smart and Skilled, an initiative of the NSW Government, was implemented. Fees for places in these subsidised courses are set by the NSW Government and are the same for the same course, regardless of where you study or who you study with. The fee you pay for a government subsidised course will depend on your individual circumstances. 

For more information on government subsidised courses, visit the Smart and Skilled website or contact us on 1800 448 176. 

To be eligible for government subsidised training under Smart and Skilled, you must meet a certain criteria. You must be:

  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident, Australian humanitarian visa holder or a citizen of New Zealand
  • be older than 15 years of age
  • no longer be attending school
  • live or work in NSW

You will need to provide proof of identification and residency when you enrol into a course.

The fee that you pay for a Government subsidised course will also depend on what you have studied in the past: 

  • If you have never studied before, a greater part of your course price is paid by the Government, so the fee that you pay will be lower
  • If you have previously completed a course after high school, you may still be able to access a Government subsidised place, but the price will be slightly higher as the Government will contribute less to your course fees
  • In some cases, the courses that you have previously completed may impact on your eligibility for a Government subsidised place. You can find out if you are eligible for a subsidised place and work out an estimate of your course fee with the Smart and Skilled fee calculator available here.


Depending on your personal situation, you may be eligible for a concession or an exemption that will reduce your fee even further. Concessions are available for students who currently receive Centrelink benefits and meet the eligibility criteria to access a subsidised place. The concession fee amount is different for each level of course:

  • If you are completing a Certificate I course, the concession fee is $80
  • If you are completing a Certificate II course, the concession fee is $160
  • If you are completing a Certificate III course, the concession fee is $240
  • If you are completing a Certificate IV course, the concession fee is $240
  • If you are completing a Diploma or Advanced Diploma course, there are no concessions available, but you may be able to access a VET Student Loan. With VET Student Loans you can study now and pay later.


Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are exempt from paying course fees where they meet eligibility criteria to access a subsidised place. Students who have a long term condition, injury or disability may also be able to access a fee exemption. Our Customer Support staff can determine whether you are eligible for a fee exemption, and tell you about ways that TAFE New England can support you during your studies to get the most out of your course.