Construction Plumbing and Electrotechnology

Construction Plumbing and Electrotechnology

Construction Plumbing and Electrotechnology

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Qualified trades are in demand, and from electricians to plumbers, labourers to builders, you'll find any number of employment opportunities waiting for you with a TAFE New England qualification. Our state of the art facilities mean you will practise your skills in a hands-on environment, and be job ready on completion of your course.


Did you know that construction is the third largest employment industry in Australia? Employment in this sector is predicted to reach 1.09 million by 2019, and the average weekly earnings for building and construction managers is over $1,500 (above the national average). A career in construction can be secure and rewarding, and with a range of courses available, there is something to suit every interest area.

Did you know that you can earn Continued Professional Development (CPD) points at TAFE New England? We host regular CPD sessions online so that you can study at home, in the office or on the job site. Watch our CPD promotional video here


Electrotechnology is a multibillion dollar industry that impacts on almost every aspect of our lives. Specialists in this industry install, service, repair and maintain electrical and electronic equipment for domestic, industrial and commercial environments. The digital age is creating an unprecedented demand for electricians specialising in security, electronic control systems, telecommunications, and more. The technologies cover traditional light and power, data systems, networking, security systems, and even electronic aspects of sustainable/renewable energies.

TAFE New England is the only Registered Training Organisation that delivers the Solar Grid Connected System Battery Storage Endorsement Statement of Attainment course, in New South Wales.

This five day course is aimed at electricians who require the skills and knowledge to design and install grid connected PV systems with batteries. It is suitable for existing accredited designer/installers of Grid Connected PV Systems, and in conjunction with course pre-requisites, satisfies the Clean Energy Council requirements (in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards and Legislation).

The course is recognised by the Clean Energy Council and on successful completion, you will be competent to provide the following services:

Store excess generation, especially for customers without access to high feed in tariffs
Store power from the grid at lower ‘off peak’ rates and utilising later at higher ‘peak’ times
Guarantee supply when the grid is not available or ‘down’ – this may depend on the inverter being used
Enable peak shaving for commercial customers to avoid penalties for excess use
Use ‘time of use’ tariffs if available to reduce network charges.

To undertake this course, you must hold a NSW OFT electrician’s license and satisfy the Clean Energy Council requirements for Design and Install Grid Connected PV Systems. You can enrol with us here.



It is a fact that plumbing is part of our every day lives, and people will always need access to water, bathrooms and amenities. And with this need, comes the need for someone to plumb, maintain and renovate. Whether you choose to work in domestic or industrial plumbing, with a TAFE New England qualification in plumbing, you will have a sought after set of skills that are transferable within Australia and internationally. You can pursue a rewarding career in a plumbing contracting business, design and installation of gas systems, roofing, water supply and waste engineering.

TAFE New England is widely recognised as a leader in plumbing education, and TAFE New England are able to offer specialised and customised training for the plumbing and gas supply industry. We work with your business to ensure your team are appropriately trained for the workplace, and able to work safely, effectively and independently. For more information on extending your skills, training your staff, and gaining a competitive edge, download the gas supply industry brochure here.