Tertiary Preparation & Employment Skills

Tertiary Preparation & Employment Skills

Tertiary Preparation & Employment Skills

Are you finding it difficult to get started in tertiary study? Do you need support to take the next step in training or employment? Are you looking to join the Defence Forces or Emergency Services and need to achieve a Higher School Certificate (HSC) equivalent qualification? TAFE New England’s foundation skills programmes can provide you the skills you need to succeed with your tertiary entrance and career goals. 

Our aim is to help job seekers gain and keep the job they want, prepare for study or training, or just make your everyday life a little easier. Our programmes can help you with literacy and numeracy skills, confidence and study skills, basic computer skills and the capacity to make the transition to higher education. Get started with the Tertiary Preparation Certificate or a Skills for Work and Study course today, and you’ll be on the road to the life and career you’re dreaming of. Gain skills for a better future with TAFE New England!

Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program

The SEE program can help you improve your language, literacy and numeracy skills, so that you can get started in training or employment. Courses under the SEE program can include a mix of hands-on and classroom based work.

To be eligible for the SEE program you must be:

  • A registered job seeker of working age (15 to 64 years of age) seeking full time work
  • Not a full time student at the time of referral
  • Able to satisfy income support or visa requirements
  • Not enrolled in either the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme or Green Corps programs
  • Suitable for the program with a capacity to benefit.

You must have completed less than 800 hours of training or had a six month break from the last SEE training exit date.

TAFE New England staff will assess your skills so that training can commence at the right level for you. You will learn at your own pace and attend training within a friendly and supportive environment.

Your job search agency can request an appointment for a pre-training assessment for you, by contacting the TAFE New England SEE Program Hotline 6768 2300.