Support services

When you choose TAFE NSW, you won't be alone in your journey.
If you need careers advice, counselling, learning assistance or access to study resources, there's a range of support services to make your TAFE experience enjoyable and productive, and to help you achieve your goals.
With 11 campuses across New England and North West NSW, TAFE NSW is the largest provider of vocational training and education in the region. Our footprint covers approximately 100,000km (roughly the size of Tasmania!) so you are sure to find a campus somewhere near you. If not, our flexible delivery can support you to learn where you live.

At TAFE NSW, we are committed to providing you with:

  • Modern facilities where you can learn industry-relevant skills using the latest technology and prepare for a career in any workforce
  • You will have experienced teaching staff who are experts in their fields so you can count on being job-ready on completion of your course 
  • We have Nationally and Internationally recognised qualifications that are widely respected and valued by employers
  • We have flexible study options to suit a range of work and life situations, so you can study full time, part time or in your own time  
  • We can help you develop your own learning pathway from school to TAFE and from TAFE to university. 
  • We can provide the support to help you reach your study and career goals.

The Student Helpdesk provides troubleshooting support for students who experience problems accessing their online coursework via Adobe Connect, Video Conference, Moodle, Network etc.


Help with learning

Sometimes you may need help with a particular subject or skill.

Perhaps maths isn't your strong point, or you find it hard to express ideas in writing for essays or exam answers.

If you need help like this, we can offer you tutorials and other forms of learner support.

Learner support may help you with:

  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • English as a second language
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Computing skills
  • Communication skills

Depending on your needs, we offer learner support:

  • At drop-in centres
  • In small groups
  • With a team teacher
  • As one-to-one tuition
  • Via the internet

We can provide specialised support if you have a disability or if English is not your first language.

Contact your local Institute to find out what learning support services they provide.

Free 24/7 access to for all enrolled students is an online library featuring course and instructional videos. The videos are taught by recognised industry experts and cover the latest in technology, creative, and business skills.

Access under the My Learning area in the Student Portal.

If you need any help, please talk to your teacher, local librarian or the customer service team.