Industry Engagement

As the largest vocational and skills training provider, TAFE NSW knows working with industry is critical to our business success.

To ensure industry maximises its return on staff training, TAFE NSW has established sector based Industry Liaison Units (ILUs) responsible for connecting with industry, so that our trainers and assessors deliver the most up to date training that is relevant to current trends and to improve your organisation's skills and productivity.

The ILUs work closely with each sector's industry leaders, peak bodies, associations and State and National regulators; they are monitoring changes to legislation to be up to date on the new and emerging skills areas, so that TAFE NSW can give your organisation the latest in training and education to meet your business needs.

The ILUs are staffed by a network of specialists from each vocational stream and operate across NSW and nationally, so that your organisation can access the latest information on your industries skills development.

How the ILU can assist your organisation:

  • Connecting you to the network of Institutes for industry specific training and industry wide training partnership
  • Specific industry training package development and reviews
  • Connecting your organisation to industry forums and key industry skills advice

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